“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” – Family Quote

What does this Life and Family Quote teaches us?

This Family Quote aids in showcasing the truth, that it is God who decides where and in which family, our birth will take place. These beautiful words by David Ogden Stiers fulfil the same purpose, and deliver the same message with high levels of efficacy.

It is the most superior and the highest authority of God who decides and plans who will take birth in which family. This is planned and decided way ahead of your birth, when the destiny of your entire life is penned down by Him. The moment you are conceived in the womb of a woman, the seed of your life is sown by God, and it is that very moment when your family is decided. Those chosen and blessed people, who are decided to be your family, are the people who will nurture you, guide you, pamper you and protect you in every day of your life.

This selection of people is done in accordance with the destiny and the chart of events and plans, which God writes down in the book of your destiny. There is no kind of control or authority given in your hands, to select your family or your family to select you as their child. God is the ultimate, definitive and decisive power of your life. The family is the support system that teaches you making the correct choices in life, learning lessons and protecting you in the process of learning.

When you are born in a home filled with people who are your family, you need to firstly realize and then accept the fact, that it God who has granted and bestowed you with the fortune to have such a strong support system around you called family.

Undoubtedly it is your family, who love you the most in the world. Keeping this fact in mind, it becomes your responsibility to give the same love back to your family and hold them together, bound by chords of relations, in tough times too.

The ultimate truth remains that the Supreme Being, is the one who decides your family.

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