“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” – Freedom Quote

What this Freedom Quote teaches us?

A Freedom Quote like this one gives you the ideal words to get motivated with, and deal your way with the world. If one wishes to work and live one’s life on one’s own terms, Freedom is the first and foremost priority that one looks for. It is freedom of thoughts, freedom of expression and the freedom of living life that breaks free from the restrictions of society’s norms and customs.

If you wish to co-exist with the world, the people around you will cease or hesitate to support you as the world has its own ways of dealing and doing things, and you are expected to succumb to the age old customary ways, using which, the world works. On the contrary, if you wish to live life on your own terms and still exist in the chaos of the world, you have to go against all odds and break through the shackles of the rules and pre-set regulations.

If becoming a trend follower is your will, you will be counted as one amongst the herd. A trendsetter will always face opposition from everyone around and hence should have the capability of self- existence and speaking up for yourself. This will always come, from making yourself free, till the extreme limits, from every kind of restrictions.

Your very existence will shake the roots of people, who condemn you for your act of living free from all bonds, and norms of society. Everybody will try and mould you according to the way they want, and in the process of pleasing the other person, you will not be able to hold on to and stand by your concepts of living a free life.

As a famous scholar once said, “Do not waste time in debating with a fool, as he will get you to stoop down to his levels”. Your sheer existence and liberty of living life according to your free will, will set the world apart from you automatically.

So stick by your principles and ideals, be a rebel and live life your way absolutely carefree!

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