“When trouble comes, focus on God’s ability to care for you” – Spiritual Quote

What this Spiritual Quote Teaches us?

We all in life falter and feel feeble in troubled times and seek a door to knock on for help. A read at this simple Spiritual Quote is one such door that we all can turn towards, in the heat of Life.

Surrounded in today’s complexities of life, somewhere or the other we have forgotten to think about, remember and pray to the Almighty. As Shakespeare has said that the world is a stage and all the men and women are merely players. Words when come from wise men, work like stamps on proven facts, and these words do just that. Tangled in the chords of materialism, hunger for power, wealth and superficiality in living we have, unknowingly, been diverted to the charade idea of human supremacy.

Now-a-days, for us to place our trust in someone, share a warm camaraderie or even to place wholehearted faith in destiny, and the Almighty have become such difficult things to do. Without us realizing, our faith and trust on God has become extremely questionable and weak. Reliance on the Almighty’s ability has been shook to its core. Confiding in God and connecting to Him via the medium of Prayer is just vanishing at an alarming rate.

It is high time for us to realize, that the Supreme is the solution to all our dilemmas, confusions, problems and we must place the highest levels of confidence in His ways of solving the issues of our life. It is God, in whom we should strengthen our belief, that he will satiate the hunger and quench the thirst of the human soul that constantly overflows with unresolved issues of day-to-day life.

At the end of it all, it is hardships of life that show your true levels of resilience, and your capacity to stand and face the storms of problems, that life throws your way. In the kernel of your heart, always remember that it is the Ultimate Power of God that you should, and eventually have to resort to, for further smooth sailing of the boat called Life.

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