Short Story – Look Before You Leap!

Arnab was a very hard working person. He had been in IT field for the past 10 years. He frequently used to travel onsite as his job demanded the same. One day he had to travel to UK, however his flight was delayed by 4 hours.

Arnab usually faced this situation while on travel. He had the habit of reading newspaper and checking mails. He was sitting in the airport lounge when a stranger approached him and asked, ‘Do we get anything in the airport to eat. This is my first time in an international airport and I am not aware of the things here. Can you please help me?’

Arnab was munching on a packet of biscuits that time.

Arnab showed him the snacks counter. The gentleman thanked him and after sometime came back and sat in a sofa next to Arnab. He again asked, ‘Hi, my name is Akshay. Thanks for the help. May I know your name?’

‘Well, you can call me Arnab’ replied Arnab. They both started a conversation and talked about each other’s work. Arnab said, ‘Akshay, can you take care of my things. I need to go to the washroom’.

‘Sure, why not. Please go ahead’.

Arnab returned after 10 minutes and to his surprise saw Akshay munching happily on his biscuit packet. Although he was not happy with the gesture he maintained his calm and said, ‘Akshay, can I have the biscuit’. Akshay replied, ‘Yes, please have one’.

Arnab was shocked!

After sometime he again asked for the biscuits. Akshay again smilingly gave him one more biscuit. This continued for another 2-3 times.

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Arnab was irritated now. He thought, ‘What a shameless creature he is. He is happily eating my biscuits and giving me one. He talked to me nicely and in lieu of taking care of my luggage, he has stolen my biscuit packet and now he is behaving as though he owns it completely’.

Amidst all this thought, he was actually getting very angry from inside. At that moment to add fuel to the fire, Akshay asked, ‘Arnab, do you want to have one more biscuit?’ Akshay boiled from inside and shouted at Akshay, ‘Hey man, what is this? I thought you to be a thorough gentleman, I even showed you the snacks counter and now you are eating my biscuit packet and pretending as if it belongs to you. If you were hungry, you could have asked me for the biscuits rather than stealing it from my seat in my absence’.

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Akshay was dumbfounded. He was not sure about Arnab’s behavior. He asked politely, ‘Arnab, what is the matter. Are you alright? Is there anything that is troubling you?’ Arnab was extremely angry, ‘Stop testing my patience, Akshay and don’t act like you know nothing’. Akshay understood the matter, ‘He said, Arnab my flight is being announced for US’. He kneeled down the sofa where Arnab was sitting and asked him to show his hands. He placed the packet of biscuit in Arnab’s hand. ‘Arnab, this is your biscuit packet. The one from which you were eating belonged to me’. He left the place.

Arnab stood there feeling ashamed of himself and his behavior.

Moral of the Story

Always look before you leap! Never jump to any conclusion before analyzing the situation thoroughly.

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