“Some minds are like concrete, thoroughly mixed and permanently set.” – Life Quote

What do we learn from this Life Quote?

It is the wisdom given to us by this enriching Life Quote, which tells us to hold onto your opinion and move ahead in life without any inhibitions.

It is the beauty and charm of this quote that sends through the message of rigidity of minds. Certain people that we come across in our lives, are extremely tough personalities to break through. Situations and circumstances of life or people who get affected by their weird or hurtful behaviour just do not seem to affect them.

Such people who have a limited vision and a strict code of behaviour are very shielded and guarded. They will not mix up and inter-mingle with people around them. They are cold and remain unaffected by the happenings around them. Their minds are as hard as concrete, which once gets fixed, set or moulded in a stipulated manner, refuses to budge. No matter how much of efforts you invest in re moulding their thinking pattern or changing their perception about things or people, their mind is so pre-determined to block any external manipulation.

Intelligence lies in the fact that there is absolutely no use in debating and taking endeavours in the transformation of the way their brain works. Let them enjoy their own whimsical world and do not waste your time in trying to manipulate, alter or convert such hard nuts, for they will never crack open.

Concrete minded people do not know the meaning of words like flexibility, adapting to the behaviour and happenings of surrounding people and circumstances. It is this stubbornness in their behaviour that leads them to pitfalls in life. But even then the hard minds of such people do not lead them to changing it. Come what may, these concrete minds stick by their opinions that often leads them to facing detest. Eventually the society considers them as unwanted elements, which then live on, unseen and unheard.

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