Inspirational Short Story – Kindness Always Gets The Reward!

Once upon a time, there was a village where lived a man named Rama Swaroop.  He was a wealthy man with a rich heart. Always ready to help the needy and poor.  He was popularly known for his benevolent act.  Whoever in the village used to face any kind of trouble, be it mental, physical, or financial, Rama was always there by their side.

His benevolent act made him so popular that villagers looked him as the head of the village. He was overjoyed with the love showered by villagers.  At the same time, there were few people who were jealous of his popularity.  Most of the time their sinful acts were dismissed by Rama either knowingly or unknowingly. They always tried to find such instances where they could show him down in front of  the villagers.

Rama used to solve the disputes, problems and many more village related issues with full justice without any delay.

Rama was an established businessman who dealt in the export of agricultural products. One year, there was no rain so the whole village was under drought. Everywhere, there was a scarcity of food and water. Villagers were dying due to hunger. People started reaching out to Rama for help.

Rama, in spite of having a huge loss in business, opted to help the dying villagers with an open hand. He opened his go-down for villagers and started distributing food to them at free cost. Seeing this his wife got worried and warned him that if he would distribute all his stored grains then nothing would be left for them in future and they would end up with poverty.

Rama smiled at his wife and said, ”God has given me wealth just to help the needy.”

“What if you are left with nothing,” asked his wife.

He smiled and said, “God will help.”

Every day he used to distribute a part of his wealth and grains to the needy.  Gradually, Rama started running out of money and food as he gave all his wealth to the needy villagers.  Rama tried hard to manage his business but he failed to overcome the loss and finally, he was left with nothing.

Rama had to sell his property and started living in a rented house. He went to people for work but no one was ready to offer him work because of his kind nature. Everyone was aware of his act of benevolence, so they were in fear of losing their wealth because of him. They knew that he would help people in need through their resources so they opted him out from work.

It was very tough time for Rama.  He was very sad seeing the reaction of people whom he had helped once. His wife started taunting him about his kind work.

She asked, “Where is your God?”

He had nothing to say but to keep quiet.  After few days, he was left with no money so he was forced to leave his rented house. Rama was now homeless. He and his wife decided to leave the village.

Rama and his wife started for another village. Both were tired so they decided to take rest under a tree for few hours and after that, they would move further. They ate whatever they had with them and slept under the tree. They were so tired that they slept the whole day and when they woke up it was dark. They started looking out for shelter. Soon they saw a big house and went there for help.

They knocked the door. A man opened the door. The moment he saw them, he beamed with joy and greeted them with folded hands. He took them inside and made them comfortable. He offered them food to eat.

Rama was surprised with his hospitality and asked, “How do you know me?”

“Sir, you might not remember but I could never forget those days when I was dying out of hunger and no one was there to help me when you extended your hand for help. You gave me money enough to restart my business, which was in a huge loss. “

Rama said, “I don’t remember.”

“But I can’t forget your generosity sir,” he replied. “I am so glad that I have got an opportunity for your hospitality,” he said.

Rama’s eyes were filled with tears thinking that there was one who still remembers his generous works.

Rama told that man his whole journey from being a wealthy man to a homeless person. The man asked him not to worry and offered him financial aid.  With the help of his aid, Rama was able to recreate his business. Slowly and steadily, he again became affluent with his hard work. He again went back to his village and bought back his house. Everything again reversed to normal as he was again the wealthiest man in his village. In spite of so many ups and downs, Rama didn’t give up his social work and again he started helping the needy. When questioned by his wife, he smiled and said, “God is kind.”

Moral of the Story

You will always get a reward for your benevolence act, so always be kind to others.

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