Mute Friendship : Short Inspirational Story

Devansh, a class eighth student, used to commute his school in his father’s car. He loved to peek through the window and used to feel the happenings around him. Sometimes, it made him cheerful while sometimes, it was sad but above all, he used to enjoy a lot.

One day, on his way to school, Devansh saw a boy, of his age in school uniform, was assisting at the fruit shop. He waved his hand to him. The boy at fruit shop named Mahim responded him back by waving his hand. Devansh was a bit confused seeing Mahim working in a shop in school uniform. For him, it was something unusual as he was pretty sure that kids who wear school uniform must be in school but this proved to be fallacious following a live example.

What an irony it was!

Both kids were wearing the uniform but had different destinations. One on his way to school while the other to his fruit shop. This put Devansh in doubt. He wanted to know the reason behind it but couldn’t, as he never got a chance to talk to Mahim. However, this meeting at glance became a routine for both the boys. Every day, Devansh used to look for him and Mahim on the other hand eagerly wait for Devansh just to greet him in his own gesture.

Gradually, they developed a special bond between them, so much that if someday they didn’t see each other they would become sad. They started communicating in sign language to each other. Sometimes they used to get few minutes enough to communicate their messages but most of the time they just had to console themselves by waving the hand. When there used to be traffic, Devansh and Mahim used to be the happiest person of having an advantage of getting more time than what they generally used to get.

Devansh was very bright in studies and punctual in school attendance. On contrary to this, Mahim was a visiting student at his school with poor class performance. The reason for Mahim’s absentee in school was his job, that he had to do just to support his father whose income was not sufficient to run a house.

This greeting bond between them continued for six months and was becoming stronger day by day. One day, while returning back from school, the driver received a call from his wife asking him to buy some fruits for his kids. Since the driver was on his duty so, he dismissed her demand and told her, if he would get time after his work shift then he would bring it. Devansh after listening to his conversation beamed with joy.

Finally, “I would be getting chance to meet my friend from so close that we could hear each other,” Devansh said to himself. He told the driver that he could buy fruits for his kids as he was ready to wait for a while. The driver stopped the car near the same fruit shop where Mahim used to work.

Finally, Devansh got a chance to talk to Mahim for the first time. Seeing Devansh at his shop, Mahim grimed with joy. His eyes were flashing and were super excited. Same feelings were emerging on the other side too.

“Finally, we got a chance to ask our name,” said Devansh.
“Hi! I am Devansh,” he chuckled.
“I am Mahim”, he replied with little hesitation.
Devansh said, “Why don’t you go to school?”
“I have to earn my livelihood, so don’t get time to attend my school. Seeing you going to school makes me happy enough to cheer myself,” said Mahim.

The driver came back with fruits and asked Devansh to sit back in the car. “Okay friend, we will meet someday,” saying this he sat back in the car. They both shook hands and said goodbye to each other.

On his way to home, Devansh was thinking about Mahim. Why does he need to earn his livelihood while I am not? Why is he working while I am studying? Why are there two different fates for kids of the same age?

He reached home but his mind was still thinking about Mahim.

“Have some food…”, asked Devansh’s mother.
Hey mom, “I don’t feel like eating anything,” replied Devansh.
“What happened? Aren’t you feeling well?” asked his mother.
“No, I am good … but little skeptical about destiny.”
“Destiny!” Exclaimed his mother.
“Yes mom, why can’t Mahim attend his school?”
“Mahim? Who is he?” She asked.
Her question was a question for him too.
Devansh replied, “Mom he assists his father at the fruit shop.” Taking a deep breath he said,”Mahim is my friend.” He detailed about Mahim and their mute friendship. Devansh wanted to help his friend without being acknowledged to him. He asked his father to offer some help to Mahim so that he could continue his studies.

His mother conveyed his idea to his father.

Devansh’s father was a well-known figure in business. He also appreciated Devansh’s feelings for his poor friend and assured him to help. He called Mahim’s father and offered him a job in his own company and asked him to send his son to school every day.

Next morning while going to school Devansh didn’t find Mahim standing at the fruit shop. He was sad but amused to know that his friend once again started his school. Devansh knew that he won’t be able to greet his friend daily but always felt proud of his mute friendship with Mahim.

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