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Best Short Stories

Short Story – The Bonding Between Parents and Children!

Ashwini was waiting at the door for her children, Amit and Anika. It was the last day of their exams and she had prepared tasty snacks for them. “Yeeh!! Mom…..Mom…..Mom…..the exams are over. My teacher liked the crafts project. She said I did it in the best possible manner.” Anika screamed in joy. “Mom, thanks […]

Kids Story – The Peacock And The Foolish Crow!

In the thick forests of Bengal, there lived a group of crows and a group of peacocks. The youngest of all the crows was called Tinku. He had many friends who cared and his parents loved him a lot. He was the apple of his mom’s eyes. Everyday in the evenings, Tinku went near the […]

Care For Nature : Preserve It Today Or Mourn Tomorrow!

It was early morning and Mr. Sharma went to his farm like usual. Although, he was a well-known businessman in the city, he usually visited his native once or twice in a month. He had inherited a large farm from his father and loved to see the plants growing and the flowers blossoming in the […]

Never Jump to Conclusions – Lesson My Friend Taught!

When the school attender came to my class, all the gloomy faces in the class seemed to light up. That’s one common thing that happens in all the schools. A note from the office of Head Master during a boring class is the best thing that can happen to kids. Especially when the note is […]