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Stories with Moral

Short Story – Look Before You Leap!

Arnab was a very hard working person. He had been in IT field for the past 10 years. He frequently used to travel onsite as his job demanded the same. One day he had to travel to UK, however his flight was delayed by 4 hours. Arnab usually faced this situation while on travel. He […]

Kids Story – The Peacock And The Foolish Crow!

In the thick forests of Bengal, there lived a group of crows and a group of peacocks. The youngest of all the crows was called Tinku. He had many friends who cared and his parents loved him a lot. He was the apple of his mom’s eyes. Everyday in the evenings, Tinku went near the […]

‘No Smoking’ – The Best Resolution!

“We forgot the cigarettes, come let’s go buy a couple of packs”, Aryan urged me to go with him. We had already settled down in Aryan’s room after bringing a full bottle of Teacher’s whiskey, some snacks along for the boozing session, and also a cake. It was New year’s eve after all! I never […]