“The more you trust your intuition, the more empowered you become, the stronger you become, and the happier you become.” – Happiness Quote

What does this Happiness Quote tells us?

Searching for a Happiness Quote? Well, here’s the perfect one for you!

Happiness is one thing that everybody is finding ways to bring into their life. Contrary to the belief that it calls for endless efforts to invite happiness in your life, all it takes is listening to your conscience.

Yes! As unbelievable it may sound, the secret to a happy and fulfilling life lies in the fact that you should begin listening to your conscience. That soft inner voice that gives you proper and the most appropriate signals and internal messages about each and everything that is surrounding you.

Whether people, occasions, circumstances or decisions. Any of these may be life altering at some point in life for you and after you have fatigued and exhausted yourself thinking and devising ways to solve these issues, it is your conscience at the end that comes to your rescue.

Conscience is one of the most prized possessions that God has bestowed upon mankind, amidst the maddening crowd and mayhem of the world, we forget to listen to the messages that the conscience sends to us thereby underestimating the power that lies within the Conscience.

Although there are some pre-requisites that you must possess in order to get a clear signal of the inner voice of your conscience. They are simple things like keeping a calm inner state of mind and clarity of thought. Ambiguity on sub-conscious levels will never give you the solitude, called for to hear the Conscience.

The decisions you make keeping in sync with your Conscience are often the ones that you do not repent for later, in life. These decisions that you take with the support of your conscience give you the entire authority and answerability of your actions. In the process of doing so, you become emotionally independent and do not develop the habit of blaming others for the consequences and events of your life.

The power and essence of living a fulfilling life, lies within you…Your Conscience.

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