A Sweet Mothers Day Poem – “Mother’s Love”

Poem - Mother's Love

Mother’s Love

The warmth of her hug, the care in her hands.
The encouragement of her words, the energy of her love.

The trueness of her feelings, the admiration of her patience.

A rose does not bloom without water.
A fruit does not grow without air.
A seed does not sprout without soil.

A mother’s love is the sunlight to the sunflower standing tall in the field.
The nourishment to blossom and shine every day.

Thank you Mom, You allowed me to prosper.

– Anamika Samantaray

A Sweet Mothers Day Poem - "Mother’s Love"
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A Sweet Mothers Day Poem - "Mother’s Love"
Mothers day poem dedicated to all mothers by Anamika Samantaray
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