How childrens are affected by internet?

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priyanka_m Posted Nov 29, 2017

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Very high use of internet can replace the childhood social interactions that can lead to increase in loneliness and depression. Viewing violent or sexually explicit content can contribute to increase in aggressiveness & inability to differentiate real life. Time spent on the Internet can be a distraction from educational activities for children.

When Internet is used in moderation, it gives children access to the collection of academic resources that can contribute to the development of fine skills. But, they don't replace physical social interactions.

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KaranS Posted Dec 02, 2017

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Internet is provides very useful knowledgeable things.  But now a days, most of the children’s using internet but not for knowledge, Rather they are using for online games, movies and sexual sites and that’s reason they are not concentrating on their studies & mentally growth.  

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rishi_b Posted Dec 11, 2017

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Children in the internet age enjoy easy access to an astonishing collection of digital information,including everything from online references to image and audio collections.

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