How to be stress free at workplace?

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Dainger82 Posted Nov 23, 2017

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At our work place, there are many different types of persons, it means different types of mind and choices, but the most important thing which we should accept that Human beings' behaviour or situations are not in our control. Everyone behaves according to one's perceptions either we like or not, but they are right according to them. My situation is in my control and I have a choice to create stress or remain stable in peace because stress is not any outwardly thing it is completely inward. It is the creation of individual mind. Our peace does not depend on people's behaviour, it nature in me. We should also create positive vibrations to clean the environment  and we should behave politely and lovingly. Keep natural smile on face, it will to calm others.

Example: In a office: Scene I, Talking to Guard/ Scene II, Talking to Receptionist/ Scene III, Talking to Manager/ Scene IV, Talking to CEO

We should check our changing behaviour every time while talking to Guard/Receptionist/Manager and CEO. Now, which is our natural behaviour? We should know that everyone is pure human being. If we are conscious about this then there is no stress at workplace.    

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dongrem Posted Nov 24, 2017

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Its more important to take break when you work continuously, I think you can listen song while you work, you can take power nap for 10 to 15 minutes, you can do some desk relaxation exercise.

Pallavi Posted Dec 01, 2017

Well, this is also a great way to be stress free at workplace.

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Pallavi Posted Nov 28, 2017

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Sitting in a wrong manner can make you feel lazy and stressed so first of all sit upright in your chair. Listen your favorite music. Take short breaks. stretch your body once in a while this will make you feel relaxed and fresh. You can drink juices instead of coffee or tea. I hope this will help to be stress free.

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rishi_b Posted Dec 22, 2017

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Some lifestyle changes can help you manage work related stress and it will definitely make your life at work stress free.
You can Listen to Music On The Way to Work. You can talk to a friend or colleague if you are experiencing stress in the work place. You should Take frequent short breaks. Do Some Desk Exercises and so on... Such small steps will make you stress free.

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