How to get healthy and lustrous hair in winter?

Winter has started and a lot of people face dry and rough hair. Specially the girls with long hairs and Its difficult for them to manage long frizzy hairs.

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priyanka_m Posted Nov 27, 2017

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You can try various homemade masks. You can make such masks using the natural ingredient that you can easily find in your kitchen. Also, you can go for the expert tips for healthy hair.

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dongrem Posted Dec 01, 2017

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Coconut oil is best for our hair,  heat the coconut oil and apply it on the scalp once in a weak. If you have oily hair, you can use lemon, add a lemon in half mug of water, and use this water as a final rinse after washing your hair.

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KaranS Posted Dec 05, 2017

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To get healthy and lustrous hair, you can use curd and honey. Curd will moisturize your hairs and honey will provide shine. This is a good mask for winters. You can use olive oil also.

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