How to make easy paper craft for home decoration?

I want to decorate my home with some easy to make crafts. But I'm confused how to do it and from where to get the best craft for my home decoration. Please suggest.

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dongrem Posted Jan 09, 2018

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Wall hanging are not just for decorationbut they also keep us motivated to reach high destination. Here are somepaper ideas

1. you can make flowers from tissuepapers.

2. Accordion paper wings for walldecoration.

3. You can make paper hearts and arrangeit on the wall in design way.

4. you can make birds, clouds frompapers and make landscape by arranging them.

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Pallavi Posted Jan 10, 2018

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You can try some origami flower. These flowers look so beautiful and can be made in any size. You can try origami butterfly and origami photo frame also.

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