How to make sure that all your relations are happily maintained?

We are in many relationships in our lifetime. We are son/ daughter, brother/sister, father/mother, husband/wife, friend, workplace colleague, neighbor, etc. We all want to keep them happy and in turn expect the same from them. However life never goes in straight line. We have to hurt people at times - even though we dont mean it.

How can we keep every close relative of ours happy and satisfied? Is there a formulae to achieve this?

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Dainger82 Posted Nov 17, 2017

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It is very easy and simple to maintain our relation in our family or society. Everyone has his/her own perception or personality. Everyone behaves according to his/her own personality which will be different to one another. The power of acceptance is the key to keep healthy relationship and saves from the argumentation. I have accepted it that no one behaves according to my desirous way, but I have accepted them as they are, so it will keep off me from the pain which was created by me after facing misbehave of anyone. People's behaviour is not in my control, but my situation is in my control so, I create positive energy which brings positive result and also my desirous result in relationship. Unconditional love is another supporting element which helps in sustaining healthy relationship.

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priyanka_m Posted Nov 23, 2017

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You can make every close relative happy but it is very difficult to keep everyone satisfied. You can make them happy by giving respect to them. We have to understand each other. You can arrange the small gathering with your family and celebrate the moments, so everyone will get a great time with each other. It is the best idea to maintain healthy relationships with your family.

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Pallavi Posted Nov 23, 2017

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To maintain a healthy relationship, you should learn to forgive and show love. Find a way to solve their problems. Share good things as well as bad things. Understand the relationship and the person. If you want to feel loved, try giving more love and time whether it is a son/ daughter, brother/sister, father/mother, husband/wife, friend, workplace colleague or neighborhood relationship. 

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Creator Posted Jan 15, 2018

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The dynamic does vary between couples, but the best kinds of relationships, the healthiest that are built to last, are those that have a balanced power dynamic. Still, relationships are not easy to maintain. They require a remarkable amount of focus and heaps of effort.

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Bhavesh30499 Posted Jan 20, 2018

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From my point of view, Practically we cannot make everyone's happy.Best we can do is not to hurt anyone with dis-respects or with our words.



and then 


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