How to relax yourself after a long tiring day?

We spend a lot of our time working, exhausting our body and mind and still dragging ourselves to work. Even After having a day out or picnic, everyone gets tired. What are the ways to get relaxed mentally and physically.

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dongrem Posted Feb 05, 2018

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A great way to relax is to take bath, it can help you to feel refreshed. Just lie down on bed and take rest. You can listen music which makes you feel good. 

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priyanka_m Posted Feb 09, 2018

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You can take a hot shower. It will relax your body. You can get some light exercise so you will feel mentally calm. Just listen to some soothing music. Read your favourite book. Give some time to your hobby. Such activities will make you relax and stress-free after tiring day.

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pankaj_d Posted May 02, 2018

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  • Take a bath.
  • Get a coffee/Tea.
  • Play on your favorite music.
  • Sit relaxed

If you are at your parent's house then just rest for a while in your mother's lap. There is nothing comfortable than a mother's lap in this world.

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