How will you describe your best friend?

Sometimes, certain people come into your life that are truly special and it makes you realize how much more friendship is than just having someone to hang out with. A best Friend is a person with whom you can share everything. When you need someone, after family your best friend will always be with you. Having best friends is like having a second family. How will you describe your best friend?

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pankaj_d Posted Jan 25, 2018

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Brother from other Mother.

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dongrem Posted Jan 25, 2018

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I cant imagine my lie without friends. I have many friends, but there is three special friends who will be always be in my heart. We share everything with each other, they have different moods, different perspective of life, but connected with one point and that is love. when we meet we enjoy our time like a child who has no fear, no worries. They are believable, caring, cheerful, faithful, humorous. I blessed by having such friends!

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