Its a festival time of the year and I am falling short of money to buy gifts. What should I do?

Hello friends, Christmas and New Year is coming and everybody is busy buying gifts and presents for their loved ones. I also love to give gifts to my friends and family but this year I had some financial issues due to which I had to spend some extra unplanned money. I also had to take a loan to fulfill some of the financial needs.

However I enjoy sharing gifts with my people, my children, parents and friends. It is the only time of the year when we get an opportunity to share this joy.

I am not sure how can i accomplish this. Can anyone give me some idea on how to deal with this situation?

Thanks in advance!

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hugejack Posted Nov 08, 2017

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Hi there, I understand your concern. However money should not restrict you to get some nice gifts for your loved ones. You can choose to make something handmade (greetings, DIY gifts, etc.) to gift to someone you love. It will surely save you some money as well as will give a personal touch to your gifts. How's the idea?


hugejack Posted Nov 08, 2017

I just forgot to tell you that you can visit the etsy store and grab any cheap and pocket friendly deal if you do not have time to make any gift craft yourself. All the best :)

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