What are tips for good health?

Maintaining a good health is as important as breathing. If you have a poor health and you remain ill most of the time then this is a high time you start thinking about it. For maintaining a healthy life one has to change his daily routine. One has to start exercising and consuming a proper diet.

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pankaj_d Posted Feb 01, 2018

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Run at least 4km daily or walk, Avoid oily food, junk food, and sweets as sweets contains lots of calories, drink plenty of water

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Pallavi Posted Feb 09, 2018

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To get a good health you must eat fruits and veggies, choose lean protiens like poultry, fish, beans, and legumes, avoid saturated fats, excess sugar and salt. 
Walking daily also helps to keep you healthy. Meditation is good for mental health. 
Stay hydrated, drink fresh juices and green veggie soups.

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priyanka_m Posted Mar 13, 2018

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Do exercise daily in the morning. Do some meditation & keep positive approach towards life & health. Just be happy & live a stress-free life. Eat what you want but also motivate yourself to lose some calories with some workout. So, you can maintain your health.

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