What is the coolest way to calm down your anger?

Everyone busy in their work, sometimes its difficult to handle the next persons thoughts, moods or something else which is bother you, sometimes you get anger without reason, so how can you find the the way to stay calm.

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Pallavi Posted Dec 08, 2017

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For me the best way to calm down my anger is to listen music. Music is the key. I prefer listening to my favorite music when I want to calm down my anger. Sometimes I take a small walk. It helps a lot. And I inhale some soothing fragrance in my handkerchief which helps me to calm down.You can try one of these ways to calm down your anger and I hope it will help you too.

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KaranS Posted Dec 14, 2017

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Stay calm and take a time, before saying something wrong because you should not regret your words.  Physical activity can help to control your anger. Also, you should do some enjoyable activities, which is helping to control your stress.

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