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You can apply essential oil to your cuticles to keep your nails healthy. Regular manicure also keeps your nails healthy and makes your hands beautiful. Clean your nails properly and always apply Vaseline or nail serum while sleeping. These tips will keep your nails healthy.

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Posted Mar 08, 2018

I have gone in a circular water slide. It was a long circular closed ride. It was so exciting and crazy for me.

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Posted Mar 07, 2018

You can wear white, light blue, maroon or you can go with off white also. All the light shades will look good with blue chinos.
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Posted Mar 05, 2018

Hey there, 

There are so many things which I have never done and I wanted to do. One of them is I want to go on a highest roller coaster ride. Waiting for the time to come...

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Posted Feb 17, 2018

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Eating healthy in short intervals will prevent you your hunger, which will ultimately prevent you from thinking about food. You will not get distracted by junk food and you not feel the cravings of it. 

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Posted Feb 15, 2018

I would prefer few close friends. But having too many friend is also a fun thing. 

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Posted Feb 02, 2018

Each fruit has its own benefits for good health. 
Apples: good for heart
Mango: Boosts energy
Banana good for overall health
Blueberries: anti aging
Eat each and every fruit because they are good for health.

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Posted Feb 01, 2018

Yes, personally I do believe that in our life everything happens for GOOD reason. Eventually things fall on the right place. Whenever things happen against you or against your choice, just believe that its for a good reason  and wait for it. 

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Posted Jan 31, 2018

There are so many ways to get rid of dark circles. Apply almond oil daily before sleeping. It will help to fade the dark circles. Put cucumber slices on your eyes. It will give you soothing and refreshing effect. Tomatoes have bleaching property. tomatoes fade the darkness. So apply tomato juice under eyes using cotton. These remedies will help you to get rid of dark circles.

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Posted Jan 30, 2018

Yes personally I do believe in ghosts. It is said that ghosts are in mind only but lots of people have experienced the presence of ghosts (a negative power). 

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Posted Jan 29, 2018