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Write down your feelings in simple words, write what you feel, don't make it complicated. Poem is all about your feelings and your experiences which you will describe in your own way in words. Try to make rhythm in lines. Sometimes you need to reed books, that will help you to arrange the words. 

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Posted Feb 17, 2018

I wish that I have enough money to travel the whole world, like to visit the best places in the world.  

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Posted Feb 16, 2018

The best way of get even skin tone is drinking plenty of water. Water helps to cleanse your skin. Also you should try the face mask of turmeric and orange. Add 1/4  tsp of  turmeric powder and 2 tbsp of fresh orange juice in a bowl and mix it well until you get thick paste. Then apply it on face and neck.  You will get best result in one week.

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Posted Feb 15, 2018

Song- Phir se ud chala,

Ud ke choda hain jahaan Neechein main tumhare ab hoon hawale,

door door log baag meelon door yeh vaadiyan.

Movie- Rockstar

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Posted Feb 03, 2018

What's a photobomb?


To appear in front of someone when the photograph is being taken, by doing something silly and spoil the photograph. 

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Posted Feb 02, 2018

You can wear White shirt or try black shirt. But white shirt will be good option.

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Posted Feb 01, 2018

I never study for Vivas, never sing on stage, never smoke, never had beer or whisky, never gone long vacation (8 or 10 days) tour, never watched any first day first show of the movie, never been on diet. :) 
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Posted Jan 31, 2018

For me to live a happy life is try to do what I love, Spending time with my friends, sharing the things that i could feel more joy in life, because a life lived without sharing can become lonely. Life is too short to live it completely alone. 

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Posted Jan 30, 2018

Every girl wants to have smooth and shiny hair, here are some tips to get hair shiny & healthy.

1. Egg hair mask - The Yolk nourishes your hair by adding moisture.

2. Coconut oil - Apply warm coconut oil on your hair and massage for a few minutes.

3. Avocado Mask - Avocado contains nutrients that will deeply moisturize and nourish your hair. 

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Posted Jan 29, 2018

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I cant imagine my lie without friends. I have many friends, but there is three special friends who will be always be in my heart. We share everything with each other, they have different moods, different perspective of life, but connected with one point and that is love. when we meet we enjoy our time like a child who has no fear, no worries. They are believable, caring, cheerful, faithful, humorous. I blessed by having such friends!

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Posted Jan 25, 2018