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25-01-201810Best AnswerTo get healthy and lustrous hair, you can use curd and honey. Curd will moisturize your hairs and honey will provide shine. This is a good mask for winters. You can use olive oil also.
12-01-201810Best AnswerWe all have times when we have a lot of work pressure, which can put our health at risk. Taking time to relax will energize you for the next busy day.After a hectic day you can take a bath, also you can have a cup of hot coffee. You should practice deep breathing exercises. You can Cook your favorite food. Do something that you really enjoy. You can Watch your favorite TV show... etc.All these activities will definitely help to relax.
11-01-20181Question AskedWhat is the meaning of true love?
11-01-20181Question AskedHow much distance between sun and earch?
11-01-20181Question AskedIs Egg veg or nonveg?
11-01-20181Question AskedWhat preparation should be do before going on travelling?
09-01-20182Answer GivenBe respect each other and understand the mentality. If someone wants to your help, just do it.
09-01-20182Answer GivenFirstly ask the problem, If you have the solution to their problem, so you try to solve it.  Otherwise, take some advice from older persons.  If she doesn't want to share the problem with you.  So you give suggestions to your friend, just take time and think something good.
09-01-20182Answer GivenI think, everyone not aware of Hockey but someone always updates mostly Punjab regions.  As an Indian, we should always aware of our National Game.
09-01-20182Answer GivenInternet is provides very useful knowledgeable things.  But now a days, most of the children’s using internet but not for knowledge, Rather they are using for online games, movies and sexual sites and that’s reason they are not concentrating on their studies & mentally growth.