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25-05-20181Question AskedWhat would happen if you didn’t care what other people think about you?
25-05-20181Question AskedWhat role can fitness apps play in a person’s fitness routine?
25-05-20181Question AskedHow to convince our child to opt for a healthier lifestyle?
25-05-20181Question AskedWhat do you think about compromise your happiness for the success of the relationship?
19-05-201810Best AnswerWhile studying, first you should decide your place for study and your sitting position. You should keep lights in your room switched on. Do not have a heavy meal just before the study. When you lie on your bed while studying you may get into the lazy mode. Hence do not lie in the bed and study. If you don't want to lose concentration while studying, you should meditate for at least 20 minutes daily, concentrating on one specific thing at a time
17-05-20182Answer GivenIf you are living on a low income, with a few adjustments to your finances you can save your money. Find out where the money is going & make a list where you can save money. Keep in mind, sticking with a budget on a low income doesn’t mean you have to suffer it just means that you have to be creative with your planning. You can save money on groceries, just buy in a bulk. Take a quick look at what is on sale which can save your money on the weekly grocery bill. Make a list of your expenses. Make a list of what you can do to save. And It is most important to restructure your bills to save money. 
17-05-20182Answer GivenCycling is My favourite workout.
17-05-20182Answer GivenSkinny girls must plan for the extra calories/day. It will help to gain up to pound in one week. Such girls make sure to eat a balanced diet and eat five to six small meals a day. With usual foods, you must add high calories. You must eat Nuts, Dried fruit, High-fat dairy, Fats and Oils.
17-05-20182Answer GivenYou can take a hot shower. It will relax your body. You can get some light exercise so you will feel mentally calm. Just listen to some soothing music. Read your favourite book. Give some time to your hobby. Such activities will make you relax and stress-free after tiring day.
17-05-20182Answer GivenIt may be a healthy option for increase weight.