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Short Story – The Foolish Dog!

Once upon a time there lived an old woman in a thatched Hut. Her vision was too poor and she lived in the hut alone counting her last days. She used to make rotis in the morning and had it all day long. One such afternoon, when she was eating her rotis there, came a […]

10 Important Facts About World’s Largest Democracy – INDIA!

While we celebrate the Republic Day of India, lets have a look at few important facts – 1. Why India is the Largest Democracy in the World? India is the seventh largest country in terms of geographical area and second largest in terms of population. Even though China has larger population than India, it doesn’t […]

“10 minutes of meditation a day, keeps the psychiatrist away.”

Meditation helps to keep mind calm and steady. This is an ancient technique practiced by Sages and Saints to achieve the divine. In today’s hectic life when everybody is running to meet the deadline and achieve the targets it is very important to give 10 minutes to meditation to keep your mind relax and stress […]