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Love Stories

Read the lovely romantic stories that will spark the romantic side of your personality.

It’s Never Too Late to Confess Your Love!

It was 7:15 in the evening when I was eagerly waiting for Anchal to join me. I had got my seat in the bus. No one came to drop me to the bus stand as none in my family was willing to send me to Mumbai for higher studies in music. I wasn’t sure if […]

Two Kiddish Lovers!

Roshni and Ajay had a fight. They have a common friend Dhruv who often plays a peacemaker. Read what happened next in this interesting Romantic Love Story.

Because I Love You!

On their first Valentines Day Aryan is desperate to meet Diya. He is trying to make their romantic date happen despite all odds. But Diya doesnt arrive. What happens next?