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Cleopatra – The Beginning Of Women Empowerment!

Cleopatra was born in an era where women never thought of stepping out of their home. Although her date of birth is not known, most of the historians believe she was born Before Christ. Cleopatra is famous till date owing to the fact that she was the last Egyptian Pharaoh and the only women who […]

Diwali Celebrations : Do You Know How Sikhs Celebrate Diwali?

Diwali-the festival of light, mirth, happiness and joyousness. It brings an air of festivities, new clothes, lamps and lanterns, sweets and many other things that add to the fervour of the occasion. India being the multi-cultural land it is, peaceful co-existence of all religions brings about an extremely vibrant array of festivals that the entire […]

What Can We Learn From Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam?

For today’s youngsters, keeping the mind free is a difficult task at hand. Today’s world is result and performance oriented. Corporate sectors demand and expect the youth to perform to the best of their ability. Don’t Forget to read this Inspiring Quote  For such high expectations, free flow of creativity and a fast processing of […]