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Priyanka Ambulge

I am a writer who just loves to express her experiences, thoughts and feelings through stories.

The Power of Asking!

The whole class was on cloud nine when my teacher announced a trip to North India for 1 week. All of my friends were very excited about it and had already started making plans of what is to be done in the trip. My friend Anjali suddenly came out of her excited mode and noticed […]

Jealousy is Unhealthy – How I Learnt My Lesson!

I was raising with rage in the lunch hour that day. I didn’t want to speak to anybody as it was an insult to me that I didn’t get selected as the captain of the shuttle badminton team. My best friend Navya was chosen as the captain of the team. I was too angry in […]

It’s Never Too Late to Confess Your Love!

It was 7:15 in the evening when I was eagerly waiting for Anchal to join me. I had got my seat in the bus. No one came to drop me to the bus stand as none in my family was willing to send me to Mumbai for higher studies in music. I wasn’t sure if […]

Never Jump to Conclusions – Lesson My Friend Taught!

When the school attender came to my class, all the gloomy faces in the class seemed to light up. That’s one common thing that happens in all the schools. A note from the office of Head Master during a boring class is the best thing that can happen to kids. Especially when the note is […]

Amazing Short Story – Live in The Present!

It was around 5 PM when I was blankly looking at clock waiting for it to pass. I hate waiting and today, it seed like time has decided not to move at all. I was eagerly waiting for my friend Preeth to come to my place with the tickets of watching Oprah. I don’t say […]

The 500 Rupees Note that Transformed Rahul!

Rahul was studying in class 10. He was good at studies and he was considerably good at sports too. He was always in the toppers list of the class and he was a confident chap. His teachers were fond of him and he was a lovely person with whom anyone would interact easily.` Things were […]