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15 August Wallpaper

Happy 15th August – Celebration of Our Freedom!

Freedom comes at big cost! It is the responsibility of us – the Indians – to carry forward the legacy of our brave and legendary freedom fighters who gave their lives to bring freedom for our generation. Let us pledge to be worthy of this gift that is bestowed upon us by those great people by doing every possible bit to bring even more glory to our great nation.

Happy Independence Day 2016 India, Lets Celebrate 70 Years of Freedom!

Today is the day of pride and honour for all Indians living in India and spread across the globe. While world is watching, we are celebrating the 70 glorious years of Freedom and Democracy after we got independence on 15th August 1947. Being the largest democracy in the world is not a small thing and successful adoption and preserving the democratic foundation is really an achievement.

Happy Independence Day 2016

The dawn of 15th august 2016 will bring the 70th anniversary of India’s independence from the colonial powers of British. Let us pay homage to the martyrs who gave their blood and lives and brought this bright free day for our generation.