“Nothing happens unless first we dream.” – Success Quote

What does this Success Quote teaches us?

Let us enlighten our minds with this beautiful Success Quote by Carl Sandburg that teaches us to believe in the power of dreams.

Our dreams reflect the continuous thoughts that go on in our brain. It is dreams that give us subtle hints about forth coming events and guide us through the course of life. Dreams are nothing but all those desires, wants and unfulfilled wishes that we have not been able to completely fulfil. Circumstances in life, the behaviour of various people around us and sometimes a financial crunch are some reasons that dreams remain incomplete.

It is this longing and yearning to do something that is astounding for everyone around us, that later becomes our driving force. Dreams are unexpressed thoughts, emotions, feelings that have been there, in some corner of our heart for a long period of time. The power of dreams is often underestimated by all of us, but on the contrary it is dreams that give us the much needed motivation to move towards our goal.

Dreams helps us in achieving unimaginable levels of success and therefore anyone would be a fool to call dreams useless. It is the sub conscious mind that communicates and talks to us via dreams. If you have a target in front of you or you wish for something, then the very basic step to achieve the desired target is to dream about it.

Dreaming is nothing but visualizing the scene wherein you ideally emerge as a victor, holding the unfulfilled wish as an accomplished winner. Dream without inhibitions and visualize the ultimate scene when all that you wanted is in your reach and levels of attainment. Never think less about the power of dreams, as they are the most basic and fundamental pre-requisite for achieving what your heart desires. Your dreams are an exact portrayal, of all the happenings of your mind. It gives you a crystal clear picture of what it exactly calls for.
So dream on…

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