“Every day is a new day, and you’ll never be able to find happiness if you don’t move on.” – Moving On Quote

What does this Moving On quote teaches us?

It is the fighting spirit that this Moving On Quote fills you with, that gives you the strength to forge ahead in life.

Life is filled with uncertainties. Bad time and misfortune may knock the door and you never know which catastrophe may enter your life at what point in time and hit you down. It just takes a moment for life altering things to happen. Human birth is a boon in every literal sense of the term.

God has given us a body coupled with an intellect to think and act with maturity and sensibility of the highest merit. In such a fragile minded world, where competition has become cut-throat and in the race to achieving higher levels of success, man has become brutal. Existing and living each day on planet Earth, is nothing less than a challenge.

Hence, in the current scene of things, living each day and every single moment that comprises to be a day and night, should be lived to the fullest. Not a single moment of your life should go futile. Live and not exist. Make every action meaningful and worthy of the precious life gifted to you by the Almighty.

Even though life becomes tough, wrench yourself through the bad times, and it is then that you will find happiness in the end. Even Nature does not defy this rule. The sun and the moon bring along dawn and dusk every single day, a dark sky brings thunderous rains and only then the creation of a stunning rainbow happens. Nature also obeys the thumb rule of Moving on.

If Nature can comply with rules of continuity then who are we to question? You never know what the future has in store for you, so live it up and roll your thoughts to eagerly live up the next day. It is only after moving on, from one dusk to another dawn, that you will find eternal happiness and contentment.

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