“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.” – Life Quote

What does this Life Quote by Charlie Chaplin teaches us?

In simple words, this famous Life Quote by legendary comic artist Charlie Chaplin shows and teaches us the way of leading a life of righteousness in a world of pretense.

In the day-to-day experiences life, we come to face the most difficult and harsh reality of life and that is superficiality. Every one walks on the make-believe path, and no one takes the road less travelled. The crux is that we all are sustaining in a masquerade, where each person is hidden behind a mask holding secret motives to use the other person.

It is this way of living a fake life that has brought us to a point, where we think that every other person is happy and satisfied except you. We have started to believe that the whole world has all the comforts, and luxuries of living a fulfilling life. The parameters of measuring happiness have become more monetary and materialistic and less fulfilling.

Today happiness is defined on the basis of materialistic wealth, possessions and worldly status in society. The more you are surrounded by people, who shower you with false praises, the happier the world thinks you are. But the sad truth remains that all that glitters is not gold. In other words, the world is happy just on the outside. No one is satisfied and contented from the core of their heart. Every person that appears happy and joyous on the outside is not necessarily the same on the inside.

Behind the sweetest smiles, lie the most broken hearts. All of us have our own share of tragedies, bad experiences and mishaps, but being human lies in the fact that you’ve got to move on. And that is exactly what everyone is doing today. From a distance, if seen, a smile is on everyone’s face. But the closer you go, there is a share of baggage on everyone’s shoulder.

Life is a mixed bag, a puzzle that has scattered pieces and the end task remains bringing it all together in times good, bad and ugly.

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