Mother’s Day Story : “Mothers Love is Priceless!”

Mrs. Radhika Varma was a well known face in the locality. After Mr. Varma’s death she had struggled a lot to give her only son Sanjiv, a decent life. In this process, she had become a role model for everyone in the locality and her relatives, friends and neighbours appreciated her equally.

After her husband’s death in a road accident, Radhika had opened a small shop and started selling homemade snacks. Radhika sent her son Sanjiv to a reputed school and saved some money to give good education to her only son. Time went by and Radhika had now opened a big confectionary shop and she started receiving orders for snacks and cakes from corporate offices as well. Even Sanjiv completed his education and joined a private firm with a decent salary. He even married his college sweetheart Rakhee. Everything was going fine now for the family but one day everything changed.

Rakhee convinced Sanjiv to speak about the confectionery shop. She said, ‘Sanjiv, your mom is old now. I think it will be better if she takes rest at home and I can go and see the things at the shop’. Sanjiv liked the idea and they both convinced Radhika to leave the work and be at home. Radhika felt happy seeing the concern and she happily agreed.

Initially things were fine, however the mother-in-law and daughter-in- law relation turned bitter when Rakhee started ill treating Radhika. She abused her, did not give her proper food to eat and her behaviour had completely turned hostile. Sanjiv observed all these however even he did not say a word.

One day Sanjiv came to his mom and said, ‘Mom, I know you have worked very hard for me and you are not getting the due respect from my wife. I have been thinking about this problem in our house from quite some time. I have thought of a solution that tomorrow morning I shall take you to the old age home and you can stay there peacefully. I shall come and meet you as frequently as possible. Radhika was shocked hearing her son’s words. She did not sob or cry. She just said, ‘I shall take my share of your father’s money and leave this place’.

Next day before the couple woke up, Radhika had left the place. She took her jewelleries and the money with her. Rakhee screamed at Sanjiv, ‘See your mom, she took away everything. She did not even think about us. What will she do with the money and jewelleries at this old age? What a greedy women’. She kept nagging throughout the day.

They tried searching for Radhika but in vain. They realised that Radhika had left them forever. Rakhee was happy from inside but Sanjiv become very sad and depressed.

Few years passed and both Rakhee and Sanjiv got busy in their lives. They stopped searching for Radhika thinking she is dead now.
In reality Radhika had joined one old-age home in another city. She kept her devoted to the work and helping fellow elderly people. All through these years Radhika heard no news of her son Sanjiv. She sent letters, tried calling him but no reply.

Soon 8 years passed by.

And one day Radhika left this world.

A caretaker from the old age home informed Sanjiv about his mother’s death.  Sanjiv and Rakhee were shocked to know this. Unwillingly they visited the old-age home and performed the last rites of the mother. After the rites were over, to their surprise the old-age home owner handed some keys and a packet to Sanjiv.

The couple opened the packet in curiosity and there was a letter inside. It read out as ‘Dear son, I have worked all throughout my life and continue to do so. In these last 8 years, I have kept all news about you and I know that confectionary shop isn’t working fine as it used to be. Therefore I am gifting you a well established business which I had started when I came to this old-age home. I was running it all these time with the money and jewelleries I had. Also, I have prospered enough to purchase a new house for you. I tried contacting you several times but didn’t get any response. Enjoy your new home son. I have no grudges for either you or Rakhee. My blessings are always with you my children.

Hope you have a happy and prosperous life!!’ Thanks, Your Maa.

Sanjiv was all in tears. He looked at Rakhee. She was in tears too.


“It is rightly said that the love of a mother is priceless!”


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  • Pritee

    Really well said. Mother’s love is priceless

  • kunmumu

    Very nice …Keep it up