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Anamika Samantaray

Short Story – Look Before You Leap!

Arnab was a very hard working person. He had been in IT field for the past 10 years. He frequently used to travel onsite as his job demanded the same. One day he had to travel to UK, however his flight was delayed by 4 hours. Arnab usually faced this situation while on travel. He […]

Kids Story – The Peacock And The Foolish Crow!

In the thick forests of Bengal, there lived a group of crows and a group of peacocks. The youngest of all the crows was called Tinku. He had many friends who cared and his parents loved him a lot. He was the apple of his mom’s eyes. Everyday in the evenings, Tinku went near the […]

Humanity Comes Before Religion!

Once upon a time, in a small town Hindus and Muslims resided together in the same locality. This place witnessed regular Hindu Muslim fights in the name of religion. Azhar Ali and Ramlal were neighbours but would never talk to each other. They had serious faith in their religion and would even take bath if […]

Cleopatra – The Beginning Of Women Empowerment!

Cleopatra was born in an era where women never thought of stepping out of their home. Although her date of birth is not known, most of the historians believe she was born Before Christ. Cleopatra is famous till date owing to the fact that she was the last Egyptian Pharaoh and the only women who […]

Mother’s Day Story : “Mothers Love is Priceless!”

Mrs. Radhika Varma was a well known face in the locality. After Mr. Varma’s death she had struggled a lot to give her only son Sanjiv, a decent life. In this process, she had become a role model for everyone in the locality and her relatives, friends and neighbours appreciated her equally. After her husband’s […]

A Sweet Mothers Day Poem – “Mother’s Love”

Mother’s Love The warmth of her hug, the care in her hands. The encouragement of her words, the energy of her love. The trueness of her feelings, the admiration of her patience. A rose does not bloom without water. A fruit does not grow without air. A seed does not sprout without soil. A mother’s love is the sunlight to the sunflower standing tall in the field. […]

Interesting Short Story – The Man and The Python…

Once upon a time a man named Narhar Lal lived in a village known as Unchala along with his wife Asha. The village was surrounded by dense forest. He was a farmer and had a small land to cultivate. He earned enough from his land to lead a simple life. The couple were happy together, […]