“Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.” – Happiness Quote

What do we learn from this Happiness Quote by Lord Buddha?

It is through this Happiness Quote that Lord Buddha, reflects on the beautiful message of the power that lies in the words you utter, is immense.

There is a lot of dilemma over the fact that everything, people say and talk about, is false. Sad but true. There is no sphere of life, where we can say with full confidence, that we speak those words that soothe the pain of a hurt soul. Words have somewhere, lost the kind of importance and magnitude that they had earlier.

Back in good old times, when the world was real and not fake like it is today, words were nothing less than an agreement with a lifelong validity. They were a strong bond of faith and trust. Words were a mark of authenticity and marked the conviction. Words have always been symbolised as a sign of assurance and certainty. If a person would say “mark my words” it was considered that the man carried the virtues of courage, confidence and sincerity.

Lord Buddha takes us back to those times and reminds us that instead of crafting a story of thousand words, speak one word of peace, which equals the power and influence of those thousand. There is no use or significance of an entire saga if it just takes one single word to give the same effect, and brings calm and solitude. Lord Buddha enlightens our minds, with the thought that even after being surrounded by a world driven by deceit and unrealism, speak when you genuinely mean it, and not utter empty words.

Words, when uttered after investing a thought or a motive into it, give inner peace and tranquillity to the mind of the listener. It is these few real words that please the conscience. Speak less, speak right and speak quality, is what Lord Buddha makes efforts to tell us.

Always speak what is right and justified, because it just takes a moment for words to become void.

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