In plain and simple words, it is a mystery box that beholds countless thousands of Quotes and Adages, waiting to be unravelled by our loving audience.

RelishQuotes began a journey of exploring emotions that we deal with in our lives, sometime or the other, and pledged to ink down the racing thoughts of the human mind on paper. En route, we made a promise and a whole-hearted commitment, to bring forth for you, the most worthy and promising quotes coupled with the beauty and grace of best quality images and graphics to please all of your senses.

We make a sincere effort to educate you in the appearance of entertainment. We are fortunate to share camaraderie with you on this journey of exploring and discovering the tumultuous shades that life has to offer. At RelishQuotes, we make constant efforts and push our boundaries to create the best quality and High Definition images and animated GIFs along with the videos, that absolutely compel your conscience to share the knowledge and words of wisdom with your friends and loved ones, and click on the “SHARE” button on social media and networking sites, to encourage global access and propagate goodness to the world as a multicultural family.

How it all started?

In todays busy life lack of inter-personal communication time has led to a situation where we have started seeking help online for every nitty-gritty of our personal or professional life.

We, at RelishQuotes, provide you solutions in an eccentric, quirky and customized manner, armed with Creative Images, Animated GIFs and Videos about the plethora of topics that we bring for you. RelishQuotes is an art that we create from a palette of colors like Love Quotes, Victory, Defeat, Success Quotes, Emotions, Happiness, Sorrow, Faith, Humility, Diligence, Importance of Hard Work, Simplicity, Family, Power of truth and prayer, Forgiveness, Appreciation of beauty in Nature and many other shades, brought together on the Canvas called LIFE Quotes!

We felt the need and the urge to create a one-of-a-kind “one stop shop” resource, which provides the crème-de-la-crème of various digital formats – in creative images, Animated GIFs and Videos all under one roof! That’s how and why we created!

How do we create this awesome stuff?

We are firm believers in building tight-knit relationships with our audience and thus solely create every single piece of imagery and motion picture with maximum personalization and provide customized pieces of artworks. Our research teams entirely concentrate on handpicking only the supreme quality of quotes available on a wide range of topics. Our graphic team ensures a harmonious marriage between words and perfect graphics to leave an unforgettable imprint on our audience’s minds. We work unremittingly and painstakingly to connect to the crux of the emotions you feel.

It’s FREE for all!

Yes! That’s the charm about us. The asset we flaunt with pride, at RelishQuotes, is that all the wonder works we create is available to use and share with your friends, all for free. You can enjoy and get inspired and make others happy and motivated by sharing these quotes all free of cost with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram.

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