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Happy Republic Day!

While we celebrate the Republic Day of India, lets have a look at few important facts –

1. Why India is the Largest Democracy in the World?

India is the seventh largest country in terms of geographical area and second largest in terms of population. Even though China has larger population than India, it doesn’t have complete democratic governance. This is the reason why India is termed as the ‘Largest’ democracy in the world(in terms of population).

Which is the second largest democracy in the world?

United States of America is known as the second largest democracy in the world (in terms of population).

Which is the BEST democracy in the world?

Well, it may sound disheartening, but its not India! Scandinavian countries and Switzerland are known as the BEST democracies in the world.

Which is the OLDEST democracy in the world?

Greece can be termed as the oldest democratic society owing to its ancient culture and history. Greeks are said to have practised the democratic principles in the ancient times.


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