Cleopatra was born in an era where women never thought of stepping out of their home. Although her date of birth is not known, most of the historians believe she was born Before Christ.

Cleopatra is famous till date owing to the fact that she was the last Egyptian Pharaoh and the only women who ruled the Egyptian dynasty. She had been incredible when she joined the regent at a tender age of 14 years. The regent was lead by her father and after his death, Cleopatra was declared as the ruler at the age of 18 years. Hence, she became the first female in history who never succumbed to male domination. She was so influential on the masses that they even worshipped her like a Goddess.

Cleopatra-The Beginning Of Women Empowerment!

Cleopatra could speak 6 different languages and was highly educated. Egypt was rich in natural resources however the kingdom was very unstable. She thought out of the box every time and it was always for the welfare of the masses. Her popular belief at that era was that people should be treated equally and the grains that were produced in the Mediterranean should be distributed to the poor and the rich alike. Till date, all the world leaders talk about equality. She not only made the kingdom stable but also self-sufficient. She would usually dress like a Goddess and people believed in her words.

It is the law of nature which propelled Cleopatra to have her own struggles and downfall. She was sent to exile after the Romans captured her kingdom. However so strong was her charisma that she used both her beauty and charm to prevent the Romans from dominating her people. Julius Caesar the famous Roman leader was deeply in love with her. He even made a golden statue of Cleopatra in Rome which was condemned deeply by the masses. Many believe that she was a seductress and had affairs with Julius Caesar and his close friend Mark Anthony. However, very few people know her talent and history reveals that the women she was, her name remains immortal even in today’s modern world. She has 4000 documentaries to her name which is self-explanatory of her charm and impact.

Cleopatra was involved in some fierce battle to save Egypt. She was not only beautiful but also possessed powers which no women of her time could even dream of. She was the first women in history to sit on a horseback and lead an army to defend her land from intrusion. She was an extremely open minded person and embraced different cultures and traditions that prevailed in the world without any reluctance. As far as beauty and feminine nature was concerned, she is believed by the Egyptian to be an incarnation of Goddess Isis.

Her life is truly inspiring and worth living even for the modern generation women. She was someone with both beauty and brains. Her intelligence was unmatched during those days. She was born in an era where women had no powers. However, she emerged as the sole ruler of Egypt. She was a complete women who had God gifted beauty and charisma along with intelligence and feminine power to tackle men. Cleopatra was fascinating and can be rightly said to be an Egyptian Goddess.

Anamika Samantaray

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