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What does this Life Quote tells us?

Charles Kuralt with the help of yet another beautiful Life Quote, shows us to value and love the most prized possessions of our loves-friends and family.

In today’s times, knowingly or unknowingly, we have started living a life where we all wish to keep family as the topmost priority. Genuine efforts are invested by all of us, to finish up the allotted duties at work and the rest of the time is supposed to be given to family. But tangled in the complications of the modern world and succumbing to the pressures of deadlines at work, somewhere down the line, it is family that gets affected the most.

In the process of running behind fat pay cheques, friends and family become the most neglected aspect of our lives. We have literally started dragging ourselves in the race of getting an edge in the existing competitive world. Keeping the tension and stress levels at work and personal front in mind, it is the love care and affection and attention of family and friends that help us restore our lost energy. The green tree of family and friends, always provides the cool and soothing shade to our exhausted heart and mind.

Wealth, money, fame and materialistic possessions are permanent. It is time and destiny that bring them in and take them away from our life. But, friends and family are the ones who know your pros and cons, and they being your true companions in the journey of life, will stand by you through thick and thin. No matter how much you investing building riches, creating capitals and building assets, they will vanish.

Somewhere we all have forgotten or to the least started to underestimate the value and importance of Family and friends. Family should never be something important, it should be everything. It is family that should always acquire the ace place. Friends should be given the well deserved place of a second family and everything else should follow later.

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