Mom, I love you!! Cried Sheena.

Sheena was a teenage girl and like all girls she loved to eat outside. Her daily staple food included roadside chats, cakes, samosa, panipuri and all the junkie foods which the current generation loves to eat.

Her mother Usha Devi was a completely traditional women and she loved to prepare delicacies at home and serve her family and neighbours as well. Everyone in the nearby locality loved Usha Devi for her cooking styles.

What a Mother Can Do for Her Child!

One day Sheena asked her mother, ‘Mom please give me some money’. Usha Devi said, ‘Ask your father, I don’t any. Why you need money?’ Sheena replied, ‘Mom, a new fast food centre has opened near our house. My friends and I are planning to go there today evening. It has excellent food and we want to try’.

Usha Devi frowned and said, ‘What is this Sheena, I can prepare everything at home itself and that will be healthy too. You will fall sick eating outside food all day!’. ‘Uff mom, please stop lecturing all the time, I am grown up now. Nothing will happen to me’. Usha Devi reluctantly gave some money to her daughter warning that this is the last time.

Days went by like this and Sheena developed the habit of eating outside. She just couldn’t resist outside food and even started stealing money from her parent’s purse to satisfy her cravings.

One morning Sheena went up to her mom and started complaining that her stomach was paining a lot. Usha devi said, ‘See this is why I had told you not to have outside food’. Sheena cried bitterly in pain. Usha devi gave her some tablets and asked to take rest. 3 days passed by and Sheena showed no signs of improvement. Soon she became the talk of the town and neighbours poured in their suggestions of household remedies and finally Usha Devi thought it would be better to consult a doctor.

After the check up, the doctor said, ‘We need to conduct some medical test on Sheena. She seems to be very weak and thin. What does she usually eat?’

Usha Devi was in tears, ‘Doctor, what can I tell you. My daughter loves junk food and I knew she will have this stomach upset one day but she would not stop only’. The doctor was shocked, ‘OMG, I was suspecting it to be food poisoning but it seems there can be other health complications as well. Please admit Sheena in hospital today so that we can complete our diagnoses’.

Usha Devi informed her husband immediately and they did as the doctor had advised. After all the test reports, the doctor called both the parents. ‘We are sorry to inform you that your daughter is having diabetes from last 6 months and this has resulted in the damage of both her kidneys. We need a donor immediately to save your child. She has very less time so please make the necessary arrangements. We have informed other hospitals as well’.

Usha Devi was in tears, ‘Oh no no no, God can’t be so cruel to us. Sheena is my only child’. She wept and wept. She went to Sheena and embraced her daughter lovingly. ‘Nothing will happen to you Sheena, we are trying our best’. Sheena also wept and said, ‘Mother, it is my fault. You had always warned me about my eating habits.

Next morning the daughter informed that a kidney donor was available and they will be performing the kidney transplant operation today evening. Everyone was relieved and Sheena promised her mom that she would never have junk food from outside and eat homemade food.

The operation was successful and Sheena was finally taken home. Her neighbours and relatives visited her and Sheena thanked her unknown kidney donor and expressed her gratefulness to God for giving her a second life. Her dad came and told her, ‘Sheena beta, thank your mom for this life, it is all because of her’.

In a shivering voice she hugged her mom ‘Mom, I love you!!’ Cried Sheena.


Nothing in this world can replace the mother’s love for her child.


Anamika Samantaray

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