Spiritual Quote based on Prayer

What does this Spiritual Quote teaches us?

Thomas Fuller, with the help of this Spiritual Quote reflects light upon one of the most quintessential requirement of today’s world – Prayer!

This quote delivers the most vital message in an extremely unambiguous and uncomplicated way that we all need to follow. The best way to begin the day is to say a small prayer as you open your eyes. The key to opening the door of a happy and contented day, as you feel the warmth and glory of the sun, is nothing else but a prayer. Prayers are the holy words that sanctify your soul. When you join your hands in prayer, it works like a connecting chord between you and the Ultimate Creator.

Even experts and psychologists opine that if you begin the day on a rejuvenating, divine and optimistic note, the entire day flows like a smooth flowing river. Like the river, you are quiet yet in motion. Unaffected by all the materialistic chaos and mayhem happening around you, you work with an inner driving force that quietly works, within you. Saying a prayer in the start of the day, works like a fuel and gets you through the day, smoothly yet on a high energy note.

It is the power of prayer that can help you to imbibe virtues like confiding in the power and believing in the presence of the Almighty. We all know that, to err is human. Knowingly or unknowingly we commit mistakes, resulting in us or others getting hurt. Prayers work like a magic in healing a hurt soul, or a conscience overflowing with guilt. Prayers ease the process of confessing a sin in front of God.

By the end of the day, you need a peaceful mind and vibes of tranquillity around you. It is prayers that create these positive energies, wherein we can sleep peacefully and relax ourselves on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

So pray and all the troubles will be at bay.


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