Short Story – Don’t Go by the Looks!

In today’s world where fashion and good looks have taken a toll over simplicity and innocence of a person’s heart and most importantly the face, thousands of average looking girls have had a very close encounter with the issue of not being beautiful according to the modern definition of being blessed by planet Venus!

In one such case, once there was a very simple girl. She was the average looking girl who would tie a simple pony in her hair and wear her usual glasses. She would wear a simple outfit and do her work diligently and with full dedication at work.  She was a girl with pleasant personality, who would always say a yes to any kind of work told or favour asked of her. But still no one gave her that amount of attention or even respect that she was well deserving and worthy of.

On the contrary of all of this, was the high-class fashionista of the office. Hair styled and set in the right place, clad in brand marked labels, with best bags dangling from her shoulders, her pure white porcelain-like formed the perfect canvas for her red glossy lips and winged eyeliner flicks drawn impeccably onto her eyes, her high heeled strappy sandals cracked the office floor with every step that she took. All she did in the office, throughout the day was politics and back biting and to make things even worse was being paid for it too.

She decided to break the ice one day and came face to face with her boss who often favoured the pretty face and slammed a resignation on her face and walked out of her office with her head held high. She was flawless, diligent and hard working but in the process of doing so, somewhere she had lost her confidence.

After all of this happening, do we ever sit back and realise how much we depend on the image that the exterior and superficial personality of a person creates on our minds??? Faces can be deceptive! We have actually started judging a book by its cover! The mind immediately starts to create expectations on the intelligence levels. What has a pretty appearing face got to do with having brains? Why do we have that misconception that average faces have a below average brain? It’s so wrong to do this!

The Intention of the Story

Beauty and brains should be considered complementary to each other. None of them is superior to the other. The beauty of intellect is far more mature and long lasting than the superficially made up beauty. Confidence is beautiful. Ordinary people possess the power to do extraordinary things.


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